President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2007 Opening Speech



steemed Guests, Dear Friends, Welcome to all of you who have Honoured This Evening of Universal Friendship, Brotherhood, Peace and Unification, the 13th of which we are celebrating tonight.

Until this Last Age, due to Individual Thoughts of Human Consciousnesses, it was unfortunately not possible to establish a Friendship, Brotherhood, Union and Unity Consciousness which is the Irrevocable Rule of the Divine Laws on a platform as desired by the Cosmos. At the moment Both the Natural And the Social Positions of our World are not encouraging at All. Now, We can All See this Explicitly and are well Aware of it.

Taking in Consideration the future of our Planet, which is a Time Archive Much Valued by the Cosmos, in This Last Age a Salvation Project was taken into Effect upon the Joint Decision of the Ordinance of Cosmoses and this Project was given the name the Law of Service to the SINGLE. All Spiritual and Humanitarian Work carried out on Our Entire Planet at the moment is taken into effect in accordance with This Law, as the Law of Service to the Human Being. The first Slogan of this Law is “Service to the Human Being is Service to Allah. Respect for the Human Being is Respect for Allah”.

At the moment Everybody on our Planet Has a Mission. The Success of a Mission is measured by how high a Value is set on That Mission. When a Mission is being carried out, World Consciousnesses come into effect that are Very different from each other. Some will carry out this Work for their Own Private Ends, Some will fulfill their Mission with the Consciousness of Responsibility, some will bring into effect Service without Expecting Anything, without Thinking of Themselves, because they have reached the Consciousness of Truth.

Faith and Devotion of a Being in the Cosmos is measured and gains in value by the Personality they exhibit and their Social Activities. The Only Guide that will show the Way to Humanity who will, having Acquired humane values, Gather under the Roof of the World Brotherhood Union, is the “KNOWLEDGE BOOK”.

The Knowledge Book which has so far been Translated into 8 languages, is Well Known in Many Countries on our Planet and Studies are being carried out on this path. This Book is not a Book to be Worshipped. It is a Book of Truth. I will not elaborate on this subject in order not to take up too much of your time. However, those who have read this Book thoroughly, already Know and Understand that It is a Book of Peace and Brotherhood, which will Unify the World.

The 20th Century which we have left behind is a Very Special century. In the Second half of this Century the Knowledge Book was given to our Planet as a Gift and in order for the Truth to be Grasped more rapidly, the Knowledge and Love Channels of everyone were opened, depending on their Capacity and the missions they are to carry out.

All those whose Knowledge Channels are opened first use the Knowledge of the Dimension they Themselves have come from and gradually, Grasping the Truth, they Connect with the Unified Humanity Reality and finally they meet the Knowledge Book. The Reality is selecting their True Missionaries in This Way and Thus the Staff of the World Brotherhood Union is formed by Selecting them One by One as though extracting valuable pearls out of an oyster. So, these are You, all Those who are gathered under This Roof Tonight.

In the Morrows Branches of the World Brotherhood Union will be opened everywhere in the World. In this Way Humanity will Regain Some of the Beautiful Values that are Lost to them at the moment and Enmities will Yield to Friendship and Love.

Tonight our esteemed Speakers will Enlighten Us on this Path in a More Elaborate Way. I would like to express my Gratitude and Thanks to them in Advance.

Love and Regards to you All.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2007 Opening Speech

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