President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2009 Opening Speech



My Esteemed Friends and Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Being together tonight with our Universal Brothers and Sisters from many corners of our World who have responded to our slogan “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood” which we have made to our Entire Planet 15 years ago is an Insurance of the happy World of the Morrows and the future. For this reason, the entire Humanity is grateful to you. On behalf of our Planet I owe All of you a Depth of Gratitude. Welcome all of You, you have Honored us.

At the moment we are living in such a World Program that we no longer Have the possibility of Putting the Programs which Originate from our Thoughts into Application in accordance with our wishes. I presume many of us Experience and Know this.

In this Special Age we are living in at the Moment and which we evaluate as the Mediamic Age, Truths are henceforth being displayed in front of our eyes parallel to the Consciousnesses Attained. All the Efforts and the Calls for Unification are not a Phenomenon peculiar Only to our Planet.

This Final Age System is a Unification of the Entire Universal Totality with the Ordinances of the Cosmoses in a Total, thus this coming Age is called the GOLDEN AGE. The Golden Age is a herald of a Medium which Sheds Light on Us in the direction of SINGLE GOD, SINGLE ORDER, SINGLE SYSTEM and SINGLE BOOK in the morrows where happy Human Beings will live in a Brotherly and Sisterly World.

Every Entity Transferred to the World has a Duty in accordance with its Evolution and Spiritual Culture. However, Until Today All of Us have helped Humanity Knowingly or Unknowingly by carrying out various Studies in the World within our medium of life by Remaining Loyal to the Law of Service to the SINGLE.

In fact, the Human Being comes to the World to Complete his/her evolution by Gaining many Experiences. The events we experience are Whiplashes which Accelerate Our Evolution. Our World is a Dimension of Test prepared in accordance with the ALPHA Entrance – OMEGA Exit Program and Humanity is subject to testing between these two dimensions.

All of Us henceforth Know that the Entire Cosmos is administered by a Celestial Hierarchy. However, Humanity has perceived and Accepted this until today under the Terminology of ALLAH. At the moment, in Numerous Parts of our Planet, many Special Staffs connected to Kosmos have undertaken a Mission Movement in accordance with their Capacity and understanding of Duty.

This Hierarchical Scale is a magnificent Chain and No one can become a Ring in this Chain unless the Time has come. Only those whose “Time Consciousness and Evolution Consciousness” Coordinates are equivalent can be included in this Chain. Everything Existing in Nature is subject to the Law of Nature. However, We who are Human Beings are subject to an Evolution and Program according to various Degrees of the Hierarchical Platform of Kosmos.

In the World Unification Project, the WORLD STATE which will be established in the morrows will come into effect through a Collective Consciousness and Totality of Belief. For this reason, in All the Studies carried out until today or will henceforth be carried out, it will be set out with those who have Obtained this Totality of Belief.

The first Threshold which the World State of tomorrow will transcend is the Unification of Religions. The primary valid Criterion in tomorrow’s World, which will be Unified and Established under the Roof of a Brotherly and Sisterly World, will be the Law of ACCEPTANCE.

The KNOWLEDGE BOOK, which is not a Book to be worshipped, has been Bestowed on our Planet as an Omega Book with this reason. This Book of Truths which has currently been Translated into 12 languages is being read in many countries and the Salvation Project of this Final Age is being Introduced to Humanity.

At the moment, our Planet is Officially experiencing its Resurrection Silently and Deeply and Mass transitions of this Salvation Program are coming into effect. Floods, Typhoons, Earthquakes are Predestination Plan of our World. No one may be aware of this, but in this Final Age we are living in, our Planet is slowly Losing its breath.

The Value that Kosmos assigns us comes from the fact that Kosmos knows us better than we know ourselves. Our World is an archive of Kosmos. And Human Beings are the Library of the Universes. Kosmos Values our World, which is a Tiny Spot in the Solar System, a lot for this reason. For, it is our World that is the Cradle and the Threshold of initial life. And expansion to the Ordinance of Cosmoses has begun from this Small spot.

It may be that none of us are currently Conscious in the full sense of the Magnificent Duty which we are carrying out. However, the morrows will Inform and show Us everything with All clarity. It is for this reason that we, who will take into effect the perfect life of the morrows, have Gathered under This Roof.

My regards and love to all of you, I wish you a pleasant evening. Thank you.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2009 Opening Speech

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